For the safety of our children, we use an electronic check-in system called Kidcheck. This allows parents to manage their own family's information on a private account.

Advantages of Kidcheck include:

  • Detailing who is authorized to pick up children from classrooms during Sunday School, Greenhouse and other children's programs;
  • Allowing a parent to specify food allergies;
  • Alerting child-care workers of any specific information the parents want to share;
  • Giving the parents a quick method (text) of hearing of their child's needs during their time at Vineyard.

How it Works: When you arrive at the Vineyard Church, you will see a KidCheck station at each main entrance. All that is needed to check in is your phone number. The system will prompt you to create a profile, which takes only minutes. After successful creation, you will receive corresponding labels for you and your child(ren). During our services or any other event that has childcare, notifications about you child will come via text message to the phone registered on your account.

Click HERE to watch a short video on how to register your kids now to make Sunday morning that much easier.

Click HERE to go to the KidCheck new registration page.