Compassion ministrIES


A place for those of us who need assistance with resources such as finances, food, clothing, etc. 

Join us as we pray for, come alongside of, and encourage those who are going through difficult times.

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Sick and infirm

A place to intentionally reach out to those of us who need encouragement and joyful company while walking through sickness. Join our team and begin loving on, sitting with, and praying for those in our family who are infirmed.

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Freedom Tools

A place for people to receive healing, encouragement and freedom in Christ. Join us in an appointment where two mature believers can pray for and help you seek the freedom that Christ promises us.

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A place to meet new people and make them feel at home in our church body. Join us as we greet, care for, and welcome people on Sunday mornings.

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A place of creativity, inspiration, and communication. Join us as we endeavor to create a more functional, beautiful and creative atmosphere in our building.

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