Holy Listening night - feb. 21st

Holy Listening night's are all about hearing from God---either directly with  such helps as Spiritual Direction or our Freedom Tools counselors, or through the words of other ministers in our Prophetic Ministry sessions or Lay Counseling.

If you feel "stuck" in your relationship with Him, we encourage you to consider signing up for a free session with some of our folks. He is speaking, He is in a good mood, we want to hear Him!

  • A 25-minute session led by a prophetic team where the team asks the Lord about you and reveals any revelation they may receive.

  • A 25-minute session led by Pastor Landon Meadow where you spend time answering questions or talking with Jesus.

  • A 55-minute session led by one of our lay counselors on staff where you talk about issues and receive Godly counsel.

  • freedom tools

    A 55-minute session led by Pastor Denae Huffman that is more "event" focused where you talk with Jesus about a specific situation in your life and find freedom in His counsel.