Lay counseling

Most of us know how important it is to care for our physical bodies, but we don’t always know how to

care for our souls and spirits; we focus on the outer self and neglect the inner. Our vision in the Spiritual

Wellness Center is to offer a place where we can find help to deepen our relationship with God, find

healing for life’s wounds and find freedom from things that inhibit growth. 

With this in mind, we offer four areas of ministry.

  • Denae huffman

    Denae Huffman is a pastor at the Vineyard church and does pastoral counseling as well as leading our Freedom Tools ministry. She has a degree in Social Work and is trained in Freedom Tools ministry. She is passionate about strengthening spiritual and emotional health. Denae has been married to Wade for over 30 years. They have 4 adult children and two grandchildren. She enjoys time with family, reading, traveling and crafting.

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  • Jim and Amanda Cox

    Jim and Amanda Cox have been married for 21 years and have 3 children. They have been counseling, coaching and leading for more than 10 years. The couple specializes in marital, premarital, family, individual and children’s counseling. Amanda has a degree in counseling and ministry and Jim is currently working on his degree in ministry and counseling. Amanda works with children and families on a professional level in a variety of settings including providing in-home and out-patient therapy. Jim and Amanda also have a passion for overseas missions and have a newly developed organization in Uganda, East Africa that focuses on healing and restoration through discipleship. Jim and Amanda love to travel and try new things. Jim enjoys scuba diving in his free time and Amanda enjoys music and attending hockey games.

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  • Valerie

    Valerie has had a passion for ministry and counseling for the past 15 years.

    She enjoys working with couples, families, and individuals. Her favorite ministry is helping couples in any season of life work through issues and come out stronger on the other side.

    Outside of working and school, Valerie enjoys spending time with her husband, Corey, and their two dogs, Oliver & Olivia.

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  • vikki adine

    Vikki Gitlin has a heart for familes and couples. After receiving her degree in psychology, she began working in the mental health field. By having direct contact with families in crisis she witnessed the desparate need for healing through Jesus. Vikki has been married for ten years and has two little girls. Due to military life, her family has experienced significant stress and time apart, but they have used these hard times to grow and strengthen their family through Christ. She currently spends her time raising her little ones and volunteering for several military nonprofits. She and her husband are passionate about strengthening marriages that have been damaged due to life stresses. It is her sincere desire to help individuals and couples find their way back to a place of health and strength through the forgiveness and love of Christ.

  • caleb hall

    Caleb has been a Pastor at Vineyard Church for over 12 years and in full time ministry for over 18 years. Caleb has a passion for counseling and specializes in Marital, preMarital, Family, Trauma, and Men's counseling. Caleb enjoys woodworking, reading, Mexican food, and spending time with his family. Caleb and Amy have been married over 15 years, have 4 kids and 2 dogs.

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